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Courses in the Doctoral School 2022–2023

In the academic year 2022–2023 the Doctoral School in the Humanities offers 11 free-standing courses. As usual, all courses are offered free of charge, and they are open to all who are admitted to studies on PhD-level, regardless of faculty or university.

The Doctoral School in the Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities at Stockholm University offers free-standing courses at doctoral level in the humanities. All courses are free of charge and open to all doctoral students at the faculty, as well as to doctoral students from other faculties and universities in Sweden and abroad. In practice, the courses are open to anyone who is admitted to studies on postgraduate level, regardless of their subject or university affiliation.

Who does what?

The Doctoral School in the Humanities is conducted in consultation with the Faculty Board of Humanities, The Faculty Board of Humanities’ Committee for Educational and Quality matters, the Research Officer and the Theme Coordinators. 

Older Research Schools

The Faculty of Humanities has financed three research schools between 2007-2011: the Research School of Aesthetics, the Research School of Studies in Cultural History, and the Special Doctoral Programme in Language and Linguistics (FoSprak).

Lars Nordgren

Research Officer
Room: A237
Phone: +46 (0)8-16 22 13

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