Applications for themes and courses starting in the autumn semester 2021 are received between May 15 and June 15. Letters of confirmation are sent out shortly afterwards.

For courses and themes starting in the spring semester 2021, all remaining free places are distributed on a first come, first serve basis: all applications are as usual sent by the supervisor to the Research Officer. Information about the courses can be found on the doctoral school's webpage.

All courses are free of charge, and they are open to all who are admitted to studies on PhD-level, regardless of faculty or university. Prerequisites and special admittance requirements may apply for some courses.

How do I apply?

The application form (see below) is used to apply for a place in a course or theme. The supervisor (or equivalent) must support the doctoral student’s application with a motivation as to why the doctoral student should participate in the course or theme. The supervisor also submits the proposal to the Research Officer. 

Who can apply?

All themes are open to all doctoral students, but it is normally only possible for a doctoral student to participate actively in a single theme from beginning to end. The Faculty of Humanities’ doctoral students have priority for places, and external doctoral students (from Stockholm University or another university) can be admitted to a course or theme subject to availability. External doctoral students will be registered in Ladok in order to enable the Board to monitor all participants in a course. 

The goal is to accommodate all interested doctoral students at the Faculty.