Teaching resources

We offer a range of resources to support your teaching at Stockholm University. Here you will find research and experience-based advice and tips to be inspired by when you want to develop your teaching, from planning to examination and evaluation. This section is divided into six sections; Develop your teaching, Examine your students, Design learning environments, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Laws, rules and regulations and Evaluate and develop courses. You are welcome to contact us if you think something is missing or if you yourself want to be involved and contribute to a resource.

Develop your teaching

Två studenter som sitter vid ett bord och samtalar kring en uppgift

Here you will find resources that support you in the development of your teaching.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

En kub med det akademiska lärarskapets åtta dimensioner

Learn more about Academic teachership and its eight dimensions.

Design learning evironments

Personer som står runt ett bord och samarbetar

Here you will find information and support regarding the design of physical and digital learning environments.

Examine your students

En person som skriver med en penna på lösa blad

Are you looking for inspiration to develop your exams? Welcome in!

Evaluate and develop your courses

Personer som sitter och samtalar runt ett bord med datorer och skriver anteckningar

Develop your courses from learning analysis and course evaluation to action proposals.

Laws, rules and regulations

Böcker på ett bord

Learn more about laws, rules and regulations regarding teaching.

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Questions about EdTech support

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Please email us with your questions about EdTech support (educational technology). We are currently working on building an FAQ, so ask away! We are also the ones to email if you want to get in touch with the EdTech coach.


We are the EdTech team at Stockholm University:

Una Cunningham, Department of Teaching and Learning
Andreas Jemstedt, Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching
Eva Edman Stålbrandt, Department of Education
Jonas Collin, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences