Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching now offers teachers and departments at SU to book an EdTech coach (Educational Technology) for consultation and follow-up on issues related to digital aspects of teachers' work. The EdTech coach is a function that can be contacted on issues ranging from, for example, Athena and Inspera, to questions about the use of technology and pedagogy in classrooms, such as the ALC classrooms (Active Learning Classroom) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The initiative has been made possible by special funding from the University's Human Resources Office, and is therefore free of charge for teachers and departments. Here are suggestions on how to use the EdTech coaching function:

Individual support

Individual support can focus on helping you take the next step in your educational digital skills development whether it's from basic to intermediate, from intermediate to advanced, or onwards from your advanced level. You contact us by email and put "individual support" in the subject line, as well as your department and describe what you want help with in the body of the message. We will get back to you as soon as we can and try to find a time for a first meeting with an EdTech coach. Before the meeting, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire about your educational technology skills, which we will use as a starting point to develop a common approach. You will be given suggestions for resources and support which you will undertake to explore and use. We will arrange a follow-up meeting to discuss progress and evaluate the strategy.

Group support

Group support can focus on a particular challenge you have identified within, for example, a teaching team within a programme, or within a department where you are considering how to work strategically to develop the department's educational technology competence. The contact person for your group will contact us by email, putting "group support" and your department in the subject line, and describing what you would like help with in the body of the message. We will contact you as soon as possible and arrange a first meeting with an EdTech coach to discuss your needs, present examples, demonstrate specific tools or hold a workshop to develop a strategy. Together we will draw up a timetable and possible division of responsibilities and book one or more follow-up meetings to evaluate the intervention.

Welcome with your interest!

E-mail address of the EdTech coach: IKTpedagogik@su.se