Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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The 8 dimensions of academic teachership

What is academic teachership? During a number of workshops with experienced teachers at Stockholm University, eight dimensions of academic teaching were identified. The result is presented in the form of a cube. The aim of the Cube is to offer inspiration and act as a reminder of the possibilities of academic teachership.

Creating a teaching portfolio / portfolio of pedagogical merit

A web resource for staff members at Stockholm University who wish to initiate, update or develop their portfolio of teaching merits. Portfolios of pedagogical merit are becoming more and more important for university teachers, e.g., when they are hired/appointed, promoted, or have their performance appraised for various reasons.

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Klara Bolander Laksov, Professor in Higher Education and Director of Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching

Phone: 08-120 763 02

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

SoTL, which stands for the scholarship of teaching and learning, is a approach in which the teacher develops his or her teaching by scientific analyses of practice and student learning in the light of current knowledge about teaching and learning in Higher Education. Results and generated learning is shared with peers.