Student Projects

Student projects

As their final examination, the Curating Art students produce a Master thesis and a curatorial project, e.g. an exhibition. The curatorial project is supervised by a professional curator. Over a period of 20 weeks, the student produces an individual project that is presented and examined at the University, although it might have another space as its main locus. It is empirically or thematically linked to the Master thesis that is produced parallel to the curatorial project.



Agnès Biro, Sarah Rodrigues
24 - 27 September: Overflow - Art Exhibiton

Anthology launch

Elias Kautsky
11 June: Tide Pool

Silvia Thomackenstein
7-16 June: Att uppleva konst hemifrån - Sara Nielsen Bonde

Anne Vigeland
6 June: Pre-Launch: Letters to Process

Curating Art at Accelerator

Yuying Hu
6 May: Navigating Across Borders

Yuying Hu, Elias Kautsky, Silvia Thomackenstein, Anne Vigeland
14–16 February: Survival of the Fittest

Ellen Klintenberg Gedda, Onur Çimen
29 January: My Mother’s Language


Curating Art at Accelerator

Onur Çimen, Ellen Klintenberg Gedda, Yuying Hu
27 November: Objects Through Time

Federica Brigo
9 October: This is Survival

Anne Vigeland
26 September: Dance Concerts

Degree Projects

Jasmina Šarić
25-26 May: „The Sea as a Common Place“

Sofia Jonsson

Lauren Johnson
13-14 April: Black Moon

Anne Vigeland, Elias Kautsky, Ellen Klintenberg Gedda, Federica Brigo, Helen-Sophie Mayr, Onur Çimen, Silvia Thomackenstein, Yuying Hu.
26 January-10 February: Body of care and control


Alice Clayton
1-2 June: Re 404.21ppm*

Marianna Feher
2 June: Sensory Futures #1: The work to end all labor

Niki Kralli Anell
25 May-3 June: 109 Words 7 Days 3 Dioramas and one stride

Edit Fándly
21-25 May: In(form) – a Live Archive

Neuza Faria
11-20 May: Helio

Sander Hintzen
21 April-20 May: Good Mourning

Lucie Gottlieb 
28 April-5 May: Then a moment passed and all was changed

Alen Ksoll and Rosa Paardenkooper
7-8 April: Intimacy Manifesto (The End of Property Relations) 


Alba Baeza, Aleksei Borisionok, Gerald Heffernan, Jasmine Hinks, Elena Jarl, Iliane Kiefer, and Alice Maselnikova.

Alba Baeza, Aleksei Borisionok, Gerald Heffernan and Jasmine Hinks.
Palestinian Cinema: Solidarity Through Film


Gerald Heffernan
AESTHETIC: Vaporwave Visuals & Ambient Nostalgic Sounds of Commercialism

Jasmine Hinks
Codified Environments: Renderings of Public Space

Elena Jarl and Iliane Kiefer
Rethinking Flânerie (Artist presentation and Audio-walk)

Linnea Nilsson
七: 7 Small Houses

Aleksei Borisionok
The Specific Emotional: Between the Repetition and the Event

Alice Maselnikova
Per forma

Alba Baeza Martínez
Through the Looking Glass

Elena Jarl and Iliane Kiefer
Rethinking flânerie (Group exhibition and Audio-walk)

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