Visual Arts Education

Visual arts education is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses a broad variety of methods of learning together and their corresponding systems of pedagogy and didactics; diverse approaches to art and media; as well as topics relating to the concept of expanded visual culture. Nowadays, there is a strong demand for understanding and analyzing visual cultures. Visual arts education expands the repertoire of interpreting, using and creating images. Therefore, it is a crucial element in all learning, and should be essential to all school subjects. By communicating visually and in an explorative way, new ideas develop on how reality is shaped and how it can be organized and appropriated, practices and learning processes thus becoming visible. The Study of visual arts education investigates the significance of new media and digital imagery for classroom education and school subjects. Visual arts education facilitates freedom of speech, multi- and interdisciplinary work, digital and art-based learning, as well as inclusive education.

Researchers and Lecturers in Visual Arts Education

PhD Björck, Catrine
Senior lecturer, 08-1207 6507

Freytag, Torben
Licentiate student, 08-1207 6526

Guttman, Staffan
Lecturer, 08-1207 6537

PhD Kraus, Anja
Professor, 08-120 768 79

Larsson, Mimmi
Lecturer, 08-1207 6547

PhD Öhman, Lisa
Senior lecturer, 08-16 4671