From a wider perspective the department is researching the encounter between human beings and the cultural traditions they are part of, but also contribute to. In our research we consider education to be one of several contexts where this occurs. In times when cultural diversity is in focus of public debate and when schools often are given a central role in politics of social cohesion, the broad perspective of humanities and social sciences is of great significance.

The aim for the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education, HSD, is to research the teaching and learning in history, religion, philosophy and aesthetics (music, image and drama), social studies, civics and geography. Our present research includes both scholarly discussions about general education in terms of its social, cultural and individual dimensions as well as theoretical and empirical studies of teaching and learning. Also institutions outside of formal schooling are researched, like museums and civil society at large.

We are particularly interested in conducting research in cooperation with school owners and practitioners and many of our researchers have experience of teaching in school. The research is internationally orientated and researchers are active participants in national and international research networks.

Research at HSD is conducted by permanently employed staff, by shorter research contracts with individual researchers and by our doctoral students.