HSD educate and offer in-service training for teachers in History, Religion, Philosophy, Social Studies, Civics and Geography.

HSD participates in an orientation course in social studies for intermediate level school and coordinates Complementary pedagogical education for teachers.

Professional Ethics and Values in the school as well as Art and Museum education are also important areas. We primarily offer education within the Teacher Education Programme, but also independent (single subject) courses and Commissioned Education.

Medieverkstan – Media Workshop

Medieverkstan (the Media Workshop) at HSD is an open learning-environment through IT / IKT teachers in place. They offer all teacher education students assistance in the creation of multimedia productions with sound, image, video and text, as well as support for creating presentations, projects, and digital portfolios.

Student teachers and teacher education students are able to borrow equipment such as digital audio and video recording equipment and cameras from Medieverkstan.

Contact the Press Office

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