Joint Courses

Joint courses in the Doctoral School

The courses presented on this page are all offered in English. The Doctoral School also offers free-standing courses in Swedish. For more information about the courses in Swedish, follow the link below.

Open Access

Open Science for PhD Students, 5 ECTS (Spring 2021)

The course gives PhD students essential skills in good research data management and open access publication routes. The overarching goal is to improve the students’ knowledge about good practices in scholarly communication, which involves managing and sharing research data and publishing articles and books in a balanced way.

Academic Writing for International Publication

Academic Writing for International Publication, 7.5 ECTS (Spring 2021)

The overarching aim of the course is to improve the participants’ academic writing skills in English in order to facilitate publication output in international peer-reviewed journals.

Joint Faculty Courses

More information about the courses offered by the Faculty of Humanities.

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