• Want to develop new learning environments in science and technology? 2023-11-23 The needs of the world are changing as sustainable development issues become more pressing - but is your teaching evolving? Join an innovative pedagogical development project that aims to discover and test new ways of teaching in this period called the Anthropocene.
  • Join SU's Teachers' Conference 2024 — meaningful learning in our times 2023-11-23 The 2024 Teaching and Learning Conference highlights effective, creative and diverse collaborative approaches to enhance learning in higher education.
  • Tatiana Chemi. Foto: TC Seminar: The pedagogy of love and freedom through the lenses of theatre laboratory 2023-09-11 What's love got to do with education? In light of contemporary higher educational strategies, we can answer: nothing at all. Embracing the “affective turn” however, ass prof Tatiana Chemi's lecture will afford us to rethink the role of emotions in teaching and learning by looking into the materiality of affects through the lenses of theatre laboratory.
  • Felix Ho. Photo: Uppsala universitet Samtal@SU: Navigating the Crossroads between Chemistry and Mathematics 2023-09-05 How can we understand how students try to integrate chemical and mathematical knowledge, by drawing on reheslleparch in mathematics, physics and chemistry education? By studying how they solve problems in chemical kinetics, we have developed a framework for understanding how students navigate between chemistry and mathematics that can also be applied to other scientific disciplines. What implications have these insights for teaching and how can we support our students?
  • Stockholm trio: Education in a changing world 2023-08-17 How can we adapt and cope with the constant changes in the world around us, whilst maintaining the status of being one of the world’s leading providers of education programs? How can we be innovative, adapt to changes and remain open to new possibilities but in a sustainable way?
  • Workshop: The art of avoiding plagiarism 2023-05-26 Tired of collecting documents for the disciplinary board because you suspected potential plagiarism cases? A workshop for you who are involved in this process as a teacher, course director or administrator. The workshop is based upon a newly written handbook on counteracting plagiarism. We work with anonymous cases and reflect on how to detect bad habits at an early stage. How can we help our students to write, cite and think by themselves?
  • Robot i lärosal. Foto: Mostphotos Workshop: Understanding the Impact of AI in University Education 2023-05-02 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we live and work, and university education is no exception. You want to learn more about the impact of AI on university education and be aware of its associated benefits and risks.
  • AI och framtidens undervisning. Foto: Mostphotos AI and the future of education 2023-03-28 Can we create new and creative learning activities with OpenAI's ChatGPT? How can we relate to new AI technology in relation to examinations? How do we turn fears and concerns about digitisation into finding new ways to improve learning for our students instead?
  • Norm Friesen. Photo: Boise State University husera@su: Tact and the Pedagogical Relation 2023-03-17 What is pedagogical tact? How can it make me as a teacher relationally competent and how does it affect student learning? Lunchseminar with Professor Norm Friesen, Boise State University.
  • Student i bibliotek. Foto: Mostphotos Teaching & Learning Event: On pedagogical perspectives on quality in doctoral education 2023-03-01 What characterizes a high-quality doctoral education? How can we improve doctoral education so that doctoral students' development is promoted? What can we learn from UKÄ's quality reviews of doctoral education from a pedagogical perspective?
  • EdTech coach helps teachers 2023-02-21 As an individual teacher or group of teachers, you are welcome to book the University's new Educational Technology coach function to help you with consultation, planning and follow-up on issues related to digital aspects of teachers' work.
  • Stockholms vy. Stockholm trio. We work with our partner universities within Stockholm trio 2022-11-25 Professional development courses in higher education pedagogy, resources for educational development and teacher conferences. This and more when the centres of teaching and learning within Stockholm trio collaborate to strengthen the development of teaching and learning and to support teaching staff.
  • KTH SoTL 2023 - Future learning - Learning for the future. Logo. Illustration: KTH SoTL Conference on Future learning — Learning for the future 2022-11-25 Get ready for KTH’s 5th Scholarship of Teaching and Learning conference: KTH SoTL 2023 — Future learning — Learning for the future. This conference will be taking place in-person at KTH on 7 March 2023. Welcome all SU teachers!
  • Studetnter. Hållbart lärande med pedagogiska ambassadörer. Foto: Jens Olof Lasthein Teaching and Learning event: Sustainable educational development through pedagogical ambassadors 2022-11-22 How do we make the most of the resources invested in learning in higher education? How do pedagogical ambassadors pave the way for sustainable learning? Lecture and good examples from the year's various development projects — such as seeing students as a resource for pedagogical development and how should we teach for a sustainable future?
  • Introduction session to the Active Learning Classroom 2022-09-16 Are you planning to teach in one of the university's new ALC classrooms? ALC stands for Active Learning Classroom, and these rooms have technology to support teaching for active learning. In this introduction you will learn to use these dynamic classrooms to lift your teaching and your students' learning. Sep 19th at 11—12.
  • Student vid dator. Inspera - självstudiekurs. Foto: Mostphoto How to use Inspera — our new digital examination system 2022-09-15 A new mandatory self-study course for university teachers, administrators and invigilators whom will use the university's new digital examination system Inspera. You will receive help in order to understand the basic functions you will need when using Inspera.
  • Veronica Flodin and Jessica Slove Davidson. Photo: CeUL/SU New course will make for better biology teachers 2022-09-15 There is a new tailor-made university teaching course for doctoral students who teach biology. The course aims to help inexperienced teachers feel more confident in their teaching and to create "aha-moments" with their students.
  • Digital teaching Survey findings: An increasing amount of students and teachers make online teaching work 2021-09-07 A lot of things have developed and improved over the past year, but new challenges have also been added. This is demonstrated in the university's follow-up study of how online teaching has worked for students and teachers.
  • Hybrid undervisningssituation How to prepare for hybrid teaching or meeting 2021-09-02 Hybrid teaching is teaching where some students participate from a physical location at the same time as other students participate online. Basic rules for digital meetings still apply, but the dynamics will be different. The combined environment places particular demands on achieving functioning and balanced communication for all parties. Here are tips and advice on how to prepare the teaching or meeting so that it will be as good as possible for all participants.
  • Foto: Krister Nilsson A year of teaching and learning online — what do students and teachers think now? 2021-06-02 Time to follow-up last year's survey where students and teachers shared their experiences of the transition to online teaching and learning as result of the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020. What has happened since then and how did it go?
  • Survey reveals major challenges with online teaching 2021-06-01 Online teaching entails major changes for both teachers and students. This is one of the findings of a survey of nearly 4,000 students and more than 600 teachers at the university.
  • Spring Term’s online education: a challenge with development potential 2020-07-03 The Center for the Advancement of University Teaching now presents the first results of the survey where students and teachers at Stockholm University have answered questions about their experiences of switching to online education this spring.

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