A creative and innovative higher education pedagogical project is starting with the aim of transforming teaching in science and technology by applying existing research in teaching for sustainable development. The project is a collaboration between Stockholm University (SU) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and will be evaluated/completed in spring 2025. We are now looking for teachers in the Natural Science area at SU and teachers at KTH, who want to participate in the project.

The background

The Higher Education Act and the two universities' own strategic goals contain formulations about conducting teaching that contributes to sustainable development. But we have less support for how such perspectives can be integrated into traditional teaching. In the project, we want to broaden the view of science and technology and increase awareness of its role and its impact on the individual, society and the environment. At the same time, we work within the framework of existing educational structures and content.

Purpose and focus

By developing new teaching materials and methods, we hope that students will develop a deeper understanding of the role and relevance of subject teaching in sustainable development issues. The project tries to think outside the traditional ways of teaching science and technology, challenging current norms and values. Therefore, the project uses an interdisciplinary approach that integrates insights from different disciplines.

Do you want to join the project?

The project is aimed at different teachers, at those who do not yet discuss sustainability issues in their teaching and at those who do, but want support to further develop their teaching for sustainability. Together with other committed teachers in the project, the project management and experts in the field, you are involved in creating a unique learning environment in science and technology.

Project structure and duration

We will start the project with six workshops in the spring of 2024 where we will explore, test and discuss different possibilities, both theoretically and practically. The aim is for you to develop a new teaching approach (new content or new forms such as cases, drama or value methodology). You will then test the developed course structure in your teaching in autumn 2024 and evaluate it. It is estimated that you will need to invest about 80 hours of working time in the project.

Throughout the project period, you will have the collegial support of the other teachers in the project group and the university pedagogical developers running the project, in everything from initial workshops to the development of new teaching, implementation and evaluation. The project is carried out bilingually (Swedish/English).

The project group consists of Veronica Flodin PL (SU), Miriam Huitric (SU), Iann Lundegård (SU) and Eva Österlind (SU), Leif Dahlberg (KTH) and Anne-Kathrin Peters (KTH).

Participation is a merit in terms of higher education pedagogy

Your participation is pedagogically meritorious and you will have the opportunity to earn higher education pedagogical development points.

Application process

You need to anchor your application with your director of studies. Then you apply by sending an email to veronica.flodin@su.se with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • E-mail and phone number
  • Type of employment and department
  • Write about 200-300 words about why you want to participate in the project and what teaching you are involved in that could be developed.
  • NOTE! Write in the subject line: Application for the Anthropocene project.  

Please submit your application no later than 11 December 2023.


Veronica Flodin, Department of Teaching and Learning at SU.
E-mail: veronica.flodin@su.se