The humanities include a broad range of disciplines that study humanity and human culture. The development from prehistoric times until today; texts and objects that convey thoughts and ideas from other times and other cultures; modern media that either consciously or subconsciously affect us – all of this and much more is the focus of humanistic research.

In an increasingly globalised world, language skills are becoming more and more valuable. At Stockholm University you can study about 30 different languages. The study of languages also includes the study of the cultures and societies in which the languages are spoken.

The Faculty provides programme and individual courses in more than 60 subject areas. For example, you could study archaeology, ethnology, philosophy and history, or aesthetic subjects such as film, art, literature, fashion and theatre. If you are interested in media’s role in society, there are courses and programmes in journalism, media and communications.

Through humanistic studies you will acquire many skills, including analytical skills, critical thinking and cultural understanding.