The workshop is part of the final course on the theme “Space and Place in the Humanities” (2019–2021). Each day opens with a keynote lecture by invited scholars and teachers from the programme, followed by thematically arranged presentations.

The event is open to the public and will be arranged via Zoom. Sign up by email by 7 June to get the Zoom link and paper abstract:


Tuesday 8 June: All Roads Lead through Rome

13.00–13.45     Keynote lecture: “Reading and Writing the City: Re-constructing Space along the Medieval Pilgrim Routes through Rome” (Anna Blennow, University of Gothenburg)
14.00–14.45     Keynote lecture: “Rome and the Papal Curia” (Kurt Villads Jensen, Stockholm University)
15.00–15.30     Paper: “Connecting Landscape, Memory and Art: The Intersection between Geography and the Humanities” (Adam Lundberg, Uppsala University)
15.30–16.00     Paper: “The Transitional Space of Genetic Ancestry Maps in the Construction of Identity” (Karen Ann Blom, Jönköping University)
16.00–17.00     Roundtable discussion

Wednesday 9 June: Power Stations

13.00–13.45     Keynote lecture: “Ara Pacis and the Force of Eschatological Vision” (Peter Jackson Rova, Stockholm University)
14.00–14.30     Paper: “Estranged Space, Other Space – Sacred Space? Connecting Four Very Different Examples” (Katia Miroff, Stockholm University)
14.30–15.00     Paper: “The Disaster Zone: Approaching the 1703 Ålstad Landslide and Its Spatiality” (Anton Larsson, Stockholm University)
15.15–15.45     Paper: “Display of Position: To Study Power Dynamics through Manifestations and Their Spatiality” (Thomas Neijman, Stockholm University)
16.00–17.00     Roundtable discussion

Thursday 10 June: Creating Space, Evoking Place

13.00–13.45     Keynote lecture: “Matters of Scale: Replicas, Souvenirs and Narrative Space” (Nanouschka Myrberg Burström, Stockholm University)
14.00–14.30     Paper: “Dwelling among Trees: Building a Mesolithic Hut with the Forest” (David De Lorenzi Turner, Stockholm University)
14.30–15.00     Paper: “Every Man’s Castle: The Space of the Home in 13th Century Denmark and Norway” (Fraser Miller, Stockholm University)
15.15–15.45     Paper: “Contesting Landscapes: A Study on the Setting of a Contract Archaeological Excavation in Northern Stockholm” (Matthew Nelson, Linnaeus University)
16.00–17.00     Roundtable discussion and concluding remarks