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Welcome with questions to our ICT pedagogical team

E-mail: IKTpedagogik@su.se

Virtual lab

The ICT pedagogical team offers online training in the form of hour long laboratory workshops

What to think about when teaching online?

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Andreas Jemstedt

Email: jemstedt@su.se

Questions about EdTech support

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Please email us with your questions about EdTech support (educational technology). We are currently working on building an FAQ, so ask away! We are also the ones to email if you want to get in touch with the EdTech coach.

Email: IKTpedagogik@su.se

We are the EdTech team at Stockholm University:

Una Cunningham, Department of Teaching and Learning
Andreas Jemstedt, Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching
Eva Edman Stålbrandt, Department of Education
Jonas Collin, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences