The activities of the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching is closely linked to on-going research in higher education. At the Department of Education, where Sweden's only chair in higher education is located, research on opportunities to create sustainable conditions for student learning within different disciplines is carried out. Research questions regarding conditions for teaching and learning in higher education; students' conceptual understanding and skills development; as well as how subject-specific differences in understanding can be observed and described are explored as a way to create a basis for sustainable educational development of teaching in different disciplines.

The research field of higher education is also linked to research on educational philosophy, where questions regarding the conditions surrounding higher education institutions from a broader societal perspective are problematised. Here, different aspects of individual learning and knowledge development is analysed in relation to philosophical, economical and ideological frameworks. 

Research seminars

Around twenty researchers at the Department of Education are involved in different research projects regarding form, function and conditions for higher education. The research environment holds regular research seminars that link researchers, PhD students and under graduate students around current and classic research of relevance for this particular field of research within three seminar series:

Sweden Higher Education Research Network (SHERN)

Contact: Max Scheja and Klara Bolander Laksov


Critical studies on Mobility (CRISMOS)

Contact: Paula Mählck


Educational Philosophy and Politics of Education

Contact: Klas Roth or Niclas Rönnström