Portfolios of pedagogical merit are becoming more and more important for university teachers, e.g., when they are hired/appointed, promoted, or have their performance appraised for various reasons. The learning resources provided by the OpenCourseWare web site will support you to document your pedagogical competence and teaching merits in a way that relates your teaching to theory and ‘best practice’ in the pedagogy of higher education. The suggested programme of work, together with the Open Educational Resources, will guide you through the development of your personal philosophy of teaching, your development of a conception of professional competence that is relevant to your teaching, and documentation of this competence.

The resource is based on self-paced study carried out ‘at a distance’. At your own pace, you will use the learning resources that are offered; web links to other sites describing the requirements placed on portfolios at other universities in Sweden and the rest of the world, literature lists, etc.