The House & Lecture Halls


The staff kitchen on Frescativägen 24E is located on the third floor, and is used by all employees in literature, history of ideas, and theater and dance studies. In the kitchen you will find our coffee machine, the fruit basket, and fresh milk is available in the fridge. You also have the option to cook and store simple lunches.

Kitchen Week

We are a lot of people who use the kitchen on a daily basis, so it is very important that we all help out to keep it clean and tidy. Everyone who works in the house (in literature, history of ideas, and theater and dance studies) is assigned a week each semester when they are in charge of the kitchen. The job involves turning on the dishwasher, as well as emptying it, and topping off the coffee machine. You will be charing your kitchen week with 2-3 co-worker to take the load off.

The Coffee Machine

The coffee machine needs to be topped off with coffee, chocolate, and milk powder 2-3 times a week. When topping off the machine you also need to empty the coffee grounds. The one in charge of the kitchen for the week is also in charge of the coffee machine.

Topping of the coffee machine:

  • Open the coffee machine by turning the key.
  • Pull out the blue container at the bottom, and discard the bag of coffee grounds. Replace it with a new bag (can be taken from the wastebasket underneath the coffee machine)
  • To empty the waste bucket, use the green lever on the back of the door, remove waste bucket, empty it and put it back again.
  • Coffee, chocolate and milk powder is available in the lockers just outside the kitchen (if we are out of anything, please let Polly Hsu know, and ahe will order more).
  • There are white pipes that comes out of all the containers in the coffe machine, push these up to avoid spillage when topping up the containers. Pull out the containers for each type, topp it off, and push the containers back again. Press down the pipes so the coffee etc. can be dispenced properly.
  • When you are finished, close the door shut and lock it with the key.

"Fika" Every Wednesday

On Wednesdays at 2.30 PM everyone is welcome to the kitchen for some coffee and buns or cookies in the kitchen.


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