The House & Lecture Halls

Booking Rooms

To book a room in the Manne Siegbahn houses, please email: with the following information:

  • Activity (Course, meeting, conference, etc.).
  • Person who's name should be on the reservation
  • Room
  • Date and time

Before booking a room, you should always check that it is available. You do this by searching the online booking system TimeEdit 3.

Search for available rooms

To search our facilities and see when they are availability, go to

Select "Studenter" which does not reguire any login and then select "English Schedule". In the dropdown menu next to "Search", select "Room" and in the search box, type in "MA" (for Manne Siegbahnhuset) which will give you a list of all the rooms in Humanistvillan*. Click on the once you are interested in so that they move over to the right hand side, you can select several rooms, and then click the "View Schedule" and you'll see when these facilities are booked.

* If you want to search for a specific rooms, do so with the numeral for 119, 101 and 159, but with the name of The auditorium (Auditoriet), library (Biblioteket) and conference room (Konferensrummet).


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