How do I use the wireless networks (WiFi) at Stockholm University?

Stockholm University has two network, eduroam and SU, if possible, use eduroam.

What is eduroam?

eduroam is an international collaboration between universities and colleges around the world, in order to facilitate the use of each other's wireless networks. Stockholm University is part of the collaboration, which means that people from other places in the world can use our network with their local logins. Similarly, staff and students at SU can connect to the network at other universities affiliated without having to log in every time.
eduroam also works on a number of libraries in Sweden and thanks to a collaboration between eduroam and The Cloud also in train stations, airports and ports.

Log on to SU network

To connect to the wireless network  type in a web address in your browser. You will  automatically be redirected to the login page for the service.
Choose one of the different login methods described below.
After login, a page that informs you that you are now logged into the wireless network will be displayed.

Different authentication methods for SU network

To get online you must login. You can do this as follows:
As a student or an employee, use your University account.
As a temporary guests you can use an IT access card. (This may be obtained from Helpdesk by the department you are visiting).