Emergencies & Crisis Plan

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In Case of Serious Emergency, Always Call 112!

  1. Take the necessary steps to put yourself in safety and prevent further injury.
  2. Call 112 and call for ambulance, police and fire brigade.
  3. Call Security Guard 08-16 22 16.

Defibrillator at the Department

In the entranceway to the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Frescativägen 24E, on the wall behind the red couches you will find an automated external defibrillator. When opening the door to the cabinet, an alert is sent to the staff of the section for safety and the security guard who is trained in CPR/AED.

In Case of Fire

This section contains information on what to do in case of fire.

In Case of Emergencies

This section contains information on what to do in case of an emergency.

Crisis Plan

The purpose of the University's crisis plan is to prepare cohesive, clear crisis management and to define routines for a response to serious incidents. Everything from the department/unit concerned, a person or the entire Stockholm University.


In case of emergency
SOS Alarm:

Security guards:
08-16 22 16 

Security guards, after office hours:
08-16 42 00 (08-15 42 00)

Office hours
Student Health Services:

08-16 17 69, ingemar.dahlgren@su.se

Occupational health care services:
08-676 82 00

SAMIR - Anonymous incident reporting to police and university security

SAMIR is a reporting system for reporting crimes, incidents, occupational injury, occupational disease and environmental deviations. Answers to your notification will be sent to you by e-mail. You can also sign in and follow your case.