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In accordance with the Swedish National Board of Occupational Safety and Health’s Statute 1998:5 “Working at computers”, all members of staff are entitled to a free eye test and, if the test shows that you need glasses, special glasses that have been tested for work at computers.

The glasses can either be bifocal or varifocal (visual acuity at a maximum distance of five metres). The glasses you should use will depend on your duties. If you work at a variable viewing distance, varifocal glasses are often preferable. The opticians that have signed agreements with the government have extensive experience of assessing the right type of glasses.

Computer glasses (previously called terminal glasses) which are paid for by an employer are considered to be a working tool.

Through the Swedish Armed Forces, the government has signed agreements with Synoptik Sweden AB.

Only computer glasses that have been purchased from this supplier qualify for reimbursement.

According to the University’s guidelines, the University will pay for frames up to a value of SEK 500 including VAT. If you want to buy a more expensive pair of frames, you must pay the difference directly to the optician yourself.

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