Research Areas

Art History

Art History doctoral students, senior lecturers and professors conduct research on art and architecture, images and built environment, material and visual culture.

History of Ideas

History of Ideas is the most all-round field of study at the university – at least if you believe our students.


In all times and in all cultures people have been telling stories and performing songs and poetry, practices which have led to the written text that we identify as literature.


Musicology in Stockholm covers all periods of European music history, European folk music and popular music from the past century, i.e. as far back as recorded sound. Among our specialized courses are the well-received and popular series on Film Music and Sound Art, which are based on our expertise in the music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.


Our research engages in transnational and trans-disciplinary discussions concerning theories in cultural, aesthetic, and critical theory, and on related research areas and methodologies.


Head of Research
Staffan Bergwik
Phone: +46 (0)8-16 35 63

Research Secretary
Sonya Petersson

Director of Graduate Studies
Victoria Fareld
Room: 458, House A in Manne Siegbahn Buildings

Administrator of Graduate Studies
Åsa Mäki
Room: 413, House C in Manne Siegbahn Buildings
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