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Computer Halls and Printing Facilities

There are several computer halls available at the main campus, and the computer halls are usually open when the university is open.

Computer halls

  • Computer hall Lantis
  • Computer hall A2, Södra huset, house A, floor 2
  • Computer hall A5 (A5164, quiet hall) Södra huset, house A, floor 5
  • Computer hall A5 (A5155) Södra huset, house A, floor 5

Printing and copying
A printer- and copying service (Printomat) is available at some of the central computer labs. The service allows you to pick up your printed documents at any compatible printer in the network. You can print and make copies in colour or black/white.

To use the printers and copying machines you need a university card. Swipe the card to login to the printer/copying machine.

Buy copies and print quota for the print service "Printomat"
Please visit "My University" to buy your copies and print quota.
You can pay with MasterCard, Visa, VisaElectron or Maestro.


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