Musicology at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Bachelor’s level includes European music history, Ethnomusicology, Popular music from the past century, i.e. as far back as recorded sound, Music in relation to other media, Music theory and Music analysis. Among our specialized courses are the well-received and popular series on Music in relation to other media and musical narratology (Music, Music Technology and Media, Film Music, European Film Music, Opera) and, which are based on our expertise in these fields. At Bachelor’s level a traditional method of stylistic history is combined with more modern approaches to musicology, such as hermeneutical, gender theoretical etc. which prepare the student for the broader-based discussions they will meet in their advanced studies, at Magister, Master, and Doctoral levels, including Critical musicology and Musical aesthetics.

Musicology at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics aims to meet the needs of various categories of students. The education can lead to a career in itself, for example in arts administration, journalism, or musicological research. Students are also drawn to study musicology as preparation for practical musical training. Still others come to read musicology after their practical musical training, to deepen and broaden their understanding of music. Our students may also be amateurs seeking to learn more so as to enrich their experience of music or music making.

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