We offer two broad courses on cultural evolution. The first course Cultural evolution: theories and observations (7.5 hp) covers the diversity of observations of cultural change and theories seeking to explain them. In the subsequent course Cultural evolution: project (7.5 hp) students produce an interdisciplinary paper on a topic of their choice, related to cultural change. The courses can be included as elective or optional in a large number of Master's programs or degrees. For information about integration of the courses in your degree, consult your department's home page or study councellor.

Together with the Department of Zoology, we give a master's course called Human behaviour: biology and culture (7.5 hp), which provides an orientation among ideas about human behaviour, social life and origins. We also give the course Ethology and evolution (2.5 hp) within the Basic biology course on the psychology programme at Karolinska Institute.

We also welcome prospective students at the advanced level interested in doing their research projects related to cultural evolution at CEK. See study information to find out more.