Welcome to a hybrid seminar at Wallenberglaboratoriet or online with Markus Jonsson, PhD in mathematics, researcher at the Centre for Cultural Evolution, Stockholm University.

In historical sciences, research is based on changes over time. Thus, chronologies and time series are of fundamental importance in fields such as history, cultural evolution, evolutionary biology, geology, archaeology, meteorology, and resilience/sustainability sciences – all with different historical scopes. The events that researchers study are important for several research fields, but there is a gap in how time series are handled in order for them to be compatible and useful across disciplines. In order for researchers to be able to utilise the data collected in the disparate research fields, a common platform is needed. This infrastructure project aims to fill this gap by means of the startup of a cloud-based platform to store, display, analyse, and build time series for historical events from various fields, to be used for research, in teaching, and for external communication of data and results. We see an unprecedented opportunity for interdisciplinary synthesis across research fields, in this effort to collect and code major social and technological transitions and synthesise existing data sources, e.g. on resulting societal and environmental changes.