The Stockholm Review of Latin American Studies is a peer reviewed journal that disseminates scholarly views on contemporary issues with relevance to people in Latin American countries. It differs from most conventional journals in its cross-disciplinary scope and by offering both writers and readers a more immediate access to a Latin Americanist forum for intellectual reflection and critique.

Each issue is compiled by guest editors responsible for its coherence and for introducing its set of essays. Authors retain full copyright and although the journal’s editorial group assesses the scholarly originality of each contribution prior to publication, neither the editors nor the Institute of Latin American Studies at Stockholm University are responsible for the views expressed by individual authors.

The Stockholm Review of Latin American Studies is part of the Latin American Futures research environment and was founded with the financial support of the Sida/Asdi Department for Research Cooperation (SAREC).

Important announcement

This issue closes the Stockholm Review of Latin American Studies series of yearly issues.

Between 2006 and 2013 the SRLAS’s editorial board was proud to publish nine interdisciplinary issues covering contemporary topics and debates from all over Latin America.

The series would not have been a reality without the support of Sida/SAREC (for the projects Latin American Futures and RESELA – Red Sueca de Estudios Latinoamericanos) and a grant from the Granholms Stiftelse (project Independence and Dependence in Latin America: 200 Years Later).

This has been an enriching and creative experience. Special thanks to all guest editors, contributors, reviewers and readers!

Thaïs Machado-Borges, Silje Lundgren and Laura ÁlvarezEditorial Board of SRLAS

Aviso importante Aviso importante

Este número fecha a série de publicações anuais da revista Stockholm Review of Latin American Studies.

Entre 2006 e 2013 o comitê editorial da revista teve o orgulho de publicar nove números interdisciplinares que cobriam tópicos e debates atuais em vários países latino-americanos.

Essa série não teria sido possível sem a contribuição e apoio do Sida/ASDI – SAREC (para os projetos Latin American Futures e RESELA – Red Sueca de Estudios Latinoamericanos) e uma bolsa da fundação Granholm (para o projeto Independence and Dependence in Latin America: 200 Years Later).

Trabalhar com o jornal foi uma experiência enriquecedora e criativa. Agradecemos em particular a todos os editores convidados, autores de artigos, pareceristas e leitores!

Thaïs Machado-Borges, Silje Lundgren e Laura Álvarez – Comitê Editorial da revista SRLAS

Este número cierra la serie de publicaciones anuales de la a revista Stockholm Review of Latin American Studies.

Entre 2006 y 2013 el comité editorial de la revista tuvo el orgullo de publicar nueve números interdisciplinares que abordaron temas y debates actuales en  varios países latinoamericanos.

No hubiera sido posible publicar la serie sin el apoyo de Sida/ASDI – SAREC (para los proyectos Latin American Futures y RESELA – Red Sueca de Estudios Latinoamericanos) y una beca de la Fundación Granholm (para el proyecto Independence and Dependence in Latin America: 200 Years Later).

El trabajo con la revista fue una experiencia enriquecedora y creativa. Agradecemos en particular a todos los editores invitados, autores de artículos, evaluadores y lectores!

Thaïs Machado-Borges, Silje Lundgren y Laura Álvarez – Comité Editorial de la revista SRLAS

Editorial group

Laura Álvarez López - Stockholm University
Silje Lundgren - Uppsala University
Thaïs Machado-Borges - Stockholm University
Jacqueline Nunes - London School of Economics


* Contemporary Struggles in Latin America. Laura Álvarez López, Silje Lundgren & Thaïs Machado-Borges

* Independent languages? About language as a dynamic process. Magdalena Coll y Thomas Johnen, editors

* Memories of repression in Argentina and Uruguay: narratives, actors and institutions.
Máximo Badaró y Anna Forné, editors

* Racism and Ethnic Discrimination in Guatemala: Historical Tendencies and Actual Debates. Roddy Brett and Marta Casaús Arzú, guest editors

* Authoritarian Legacies in post-Pinochet Chile. Fernando Camacho Padilla, guest editor

* Afro-Latin American Religious Expressions and Representations. Laura Álvarez López, Markel Thylefors, Johan Wedel, editors

* Latin America: Left, Right or Beyond? Andrés Rivarola Puntigliano and Adolfo Garcé, editors

* Media and Transgression: Brazilian Cases / Mídia e transgressão: Casos brasileiros. Editor, Thaïs Machado-Borges

*Venezuelan Politics and Society in Times of Chavismo Política y sociedad en la Venezuela del Chavismo. Editor, Rickard O. Lalander