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Assessment Criteria, Senior Lecturer and Professor

Criteria for the assessment of research and teaching expertise in the appointment or promotion to senior lecturer or professor at the Faculty of Humanities – supplementary instructions for the appointment of teachers.

Assessment of Applications for Employment as Professor

Section 11 of Chapter 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance (HEO) states that a senior lecturer with indefinite-term employment shall, on application, be promoted to professor if he or she is qualified for the position.

External Experts in the Assessment of Applications for Promotion to Professor

The external expert’s report should provide an assessment of whether the applicant is qualified for the position and contain a clear recommendation for or against promotion.

Regulations for Conferring the Title of ”Docent” (Associate Professor or Reader)

‘Docent’ is a title that indicates a level of qualification and not a position. The Faculty Board is entitled to confer the rank of ‘Docent’ if this is considered to be to the benefit of the research and educational activities of the Faculty.


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