Latin America is in flux. New movements and ideas are gaining ground; patterns of trade are altered; poverty decreases. Progress notwithstanding, several of the countries on the continent continue to be marked by the inequality and instability that have plagued their pasts, and with falling commodity prices the continent’s model of development is once again under discussion.

The Master Program in Latin American studies at Stockholm University program gives you a wide orientation regarding the questions and challenges that the continent faces as well as the tools to address them. The program is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation for future work with Latin America in areas such as public administration, academic research, international organizations, development co-operation and journalism.

The program offers a combination of compulsory and individually chosen courses that together cover a diverse set of areas such as current social science research on Latin America, human rights, gender and inequalities, the influence of indigenous and ethnic movements, the role of the mass media, regional integration, and scientific method (social sciences, area studies, interdisciplinary).

Students have the opportunity of spending a semester at a foreign university and/or doing fieldwork/internship in Latin America. Alternatively, students may elect to take courses of their choice at Swedish universities. The program ends with an independent research project of 30 credits which provides opportunities for both thematic and regional specialization.