Programme content

This Master's programme is ideal for students who wish to further improve their Chinese language proficiency and aim to gain a deeper understanding of China's complex internal and external dynamics. By building upon these skills, students will focus on developing competencies that qualify for independent academic research as well as for professional tasks within the public and private sectors. As the Master’s programme is organised as part of a collaboration between Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, and the Nordic universities in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Aarhus, we are able to offer students an extremely rewarding double Master’s degree from Stockho

lm and Zhejiang University. The first term of study is conducted at Stockholm University, while students will have the opportunity to gain international experience during the second and third semesters that take place at Zhejiang University. In the final term, students will complete an individual degree project under the supervision of two teachers; one from  Zhejiang University and one from Stockholm University, whereby the languages of instruction are Chinese and English.


Programme facts

Scope: Two years of full-time study.

Type of Degree: Double Master’s degree: one from Stockholm University and one from Zhejiang University.

Prerequisites: Bachelor of Arts in Chinese, and English B/English 6 (Swedish upper secondary school course).

Labour market opportunities

The Master’s programme qualifies students for doctoral studies in Asian Languages and Cultures with emphasis on disciplinary accuracy, comprehensive area knowledge, cultural competence and linguistic fluency. This combination of intellectual breadth and specialised skills is especially designed for students pursuing careers in the academic world, business, government or media, both within private and public sectors.