Feminstisk vetenskapsteori och metodologi

Theme: Gender, Knowledge and Methodology

The Doctoral School theme Gender, Knowledge and Methodology introduces international research on feminist epistemology and methodology in order to broaden the PhD education and contribute to a high quality and topicality. A principal aim is to illuminate the interconnections between epistemology and methodological issues and contribute to critical reflexivity in the humanities. Three methodological strands in the feminist tradition that are applicable across a wide range of disciplines are given particular attention: creative academic writing, ethnography and historiography.

The theme runs for two years, starting in the spring of 2021 and offers two 7,5 credit and two 5 credit modules.

Instruction is given in Swedish, or in English if required.

Gender and Method: Historiography

Gender and Method: Historiography, 5 ECTS (Spring 2022)

The course addresses the ways in which temporal processes are mirrored in different texts and materials; whose history is found in history books and whose history remains unwritten. A main theme is how cultural and social knowledge can be organized in epochs, events and turning points, and how this view can be analyzed and problematized.

Jacquard Loom Card

Theme: Digital Humanities

New digital tools are changing ways of working and thinking across the range of humanities disciplines. This research school theme is designed to support and develop the work of PhD students from diverse subject areas who wish to use a digital element in their methodology or digital sources in their objects of enquiry. It aims to open up the possibility of digitally-based research methods for students who are not yet aware of their potential for addressing current research questions or exploring new avenues of inquiry.

The theme runs for two years, starting in the autumn of 2020 and offers a total of four five-credit modules.

The theme is offered in English.

Lars Nordgren

Lars Nordgren

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