Course content

Learning how to write an academic text involves assimilating a range of rules and conventions that enhance scientific aims, but equally important in the process is the creative aspect. The feminist scientific tradition has since the beginning problematized notions of objectivity and distance as scientific ideals, a discussion that includes academic writing genres.

This course explores non-traditional writing genres and raise questions like: How can writing function as a way of thinking? What does it mean to make use of one’s fantasy in writing? How are writing genres connected to topic?

Learning outcomes

For a grade pass on the course, students should be able to:

  • demonstrate in-depth insights into different kinds of creative academic writing in human sciences
  • to work in practice with and reflect critically upon creative academic writing
  • demonstrate in-depth insights into methodological choices concerning creative academic writing
  • demonstrate in-depth insights into creative academic writing and methodological issues concerning ethics, power and criticism of science.

Practical information

The course has the following obligatory elements: completion of all oral and written assignments for each seminar, and completing a final course paper.

The course is examined through a) active participation in the seminars and oral presentations; b) seminar papers, and c) a concluding final course paper.

The papers are to be written in Swedish/Scandinavian or English.

The instruction consists of seminars where creatively written academic texts are discussed, writing exercises, and discussions of participants’ texts. The main focus is on the latter.

Instruction is given in Swedish (or in English if required). Course literature is written in Swedish/Scandinavian and English.

Period: Spring semester 2021

Course dates (preliminary): 2021-03-23 - 2021-06-05

Language of instruction: Swedish or English

Course director and Examiner: TBA

Theme coordinator: Marja-Liisa Keinänen

Course title in Swedish: Kreativt akademiskt skrivande

The course is offered by the Department of Ethnology, History of Religions and Gender Studies, in collaboration with the Department of History and the Department of Culture and Aesthetics.

The course is part of the theme Gender, Epistemology and Methodology