Two themes start every fall semester

A theme can be described as a program, in which a problem or subject area is studied based on different sciences and disciplines. Each theme runs over two years and usually consists of four courses totaling 20 ECTS credits. A theme should be broad enough to benefit doctoral students from a wide range of subjects, but at the same time narrow enough for participants to receive substantial scientific exchange from each other.

Three main aims of the Doctoral School

The Doctoral School at the Faculty of Humanities has three main purposes. To increase the quality of education, to increase interdisciplinary cooperation, and to create a higher degree of internationalization. These goals are achieved, among other things, by providing doctoral students with teaching in larger and mixed groups. The doctoral students are thereby offered a larger research community, where their own projects and ideas can receive support as well as opposition.

Valuable national and international contacts

The Doctoral School in the Humanities offers an extended environment for the doctoral students of the faculty. Here they have the opportunity to make valuable new contacts with other doctoral students and established researchers, from their own as well as from other universities.

The faculty's requirements profile for the themes and courses in the Doctoral School results in innovative collaborations between subjects and departments. At the same time, the courses receive breadth and depth through the teachers from Stockholm University and other educational institutions, both nationally and internationally.