The deadline to submit proposals for new joint faculty courses to be established the following academic year is presented early in the autumn semester. The template adopted by the Faculty Board should be used to request the establishment of a new joint faculty course or theme. The proposals should be discussed within the sections before the request is submitted to the Board.

Submitted proposals will be processed by the committee, with the research officer as the responsible administrator and rapporteur to the board. The budget will be adopted in connection with the decisions regarding the range of courses that will be offered the following academic year.

Revisions of established joint faculty courses and courses should be submitted to the Faculty Board at least two months before the course starts.

All information about available courses and themes, including the template for applications, is available on the Doctoral School in the Humanities’ website together with information about the application period, as well as when and how the doctoral students will be notified if they received a place on the course or theme. Applications are processed by the research officer. Where necessary, the selection and allocation of places will be carried out in consultation with the coordinating department and any collaborating departments. The research officer will notify the committee of their decisions.