Course content

This course has been designed to give PhD students in the human and natural sciences essential skills in good research data management and open access publication routes. The overarching goal is to improve the students’ knowledge about good practices in scholarly communication, which involves managing and sharing research data and publishing articles and books in a balanced way. These skills are necessary in order for students to be able to navigate and respond to the rapidly increased demands for open access from the government, funders and the university.

The course is tailored to the heterogeneous academic, linguistic and scientific background of PhD students in the human and natural sciences. The course also considers the demands placed on researchers in the various fields of the human and natural sciences. The main focus is on licensing for open publication, research data management according to the research data policy of the university and the FAIR principles, as well as knowledge about routes to publishing openly in journals, with publishers, and in certified repositories.

Learning outcomes

After finishing the course the student shall be able to:

- discuss and explain theory and practice in open science
- demonstrate an understanding of the FAIR principles and good research data management practices
- produce a data management plan (DMP)
- analyse the state of open science in a specific field of research
- produce a scholarly publication plan detailing a route to publishing articles, books and research data openly

Practical information

Completion of all tasks and assignments, including written tasks, and questions before each seminar.

The examination is conducted through active participation in seminars and group assignments. Written tasks for each module, a DMP and a final written report. This report will analyse the state of scientific openness in the student’s research field and a contain a scholarly communication plan detailing routes to publishing scientific results and data openly.

Teaching will take place in a blended learning environment, both online and on campus, but mainly via the university learning platform Athena. Teaching will consist of self-studies (incl. independent work), group activities, lectures, recorded lectures, discussion seminars and exercises.

Period: Second half of spring semester 2021 (March 22 — June 5)

Course dates: 13, 15, 20, 22, 27 and 29 April, 6 May.

Language of instruction: English

Course director: Beyza Björkman

Course name in Swedish: Öppen vetenskap för doktorander

The course is offered by: Department of English / Engelska institutionen in collaboration with Stockholm University Library.