The Faculty Board of Humanities has previously organised and financed three joint research schools in aesthetics, cultural history and linguistics. The Faculty’s resources for researchschool activities should be used to improve the quality of the Faculty’s joint research programmes, facilitate coordination, create a critical mass and a developing environment for all doctoral students, as well as increased opportunities for international exchanges and perspectives. 

The Faculty of Humanities’ committee for joint research programmes has worked to organise, direct and coordinate the activities that, in accordance with the Faculty Board’s intentions, will constitute the Faculty’s joint research programmes. This work has led to a proposal to gather these activities under a single organisation that will form a joint research school at the Faculty: the Doctoral School in the Humanities. This new organisation aims to enhance the quality of education, increase interdisciplinary collaboration, create a higher degree of internationalisation and, as far as possible, create a sense of community among the Faculty’s doctoral students. In addition, it aims to make operations more efficient, with a focus on course activities in the form of independent Faculty courses and credit-bearing components within a coherent theme.