Six new courses

In the academic year 2022–2023, the Doctoral School in the Humanities offers six new courses, alongside three courses reworked from previously offered themes, as well as two returning courses. In total 11 free-standing courses are offered: six in the Autumn semester 2022 and five in the Spring semester 2023. Nine of the courses are offered in English, and six are offered online or in hybrid format.

Autumn semester 2022

Spring semester 2023

  • Analyzing the Language of Truth and Deception, 7,5 hp (English, campus) The course explores the concepts, perspectives and methods that have been developed in linguistics, philosophy, cognitive science, rhetoric and discourse analysis to illuminate language as action.
  • The Dynamics of Multilingualism: Affinities and Affordances, 7,5 hp (English, online) The course deals with the emergence of new global linguistic communities, associated communicative practices, and the affordances that enable their existence.
  • Space and Place in the Humanities: Theories and Applications, 7,5 hp (English, campus) The course addresses the so-called ‘spatial turn’ in the humanities.
  • Methods for Handling of Text Data, 7,5 hp (English, hybrid) The purpose of the course is to introduce basic theory and methodology for sampling, collection, preparation, annotation and analysis of text data in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Studying Interaction, 7,5 hp (English, campus) The course provides an overview of interaction research from the 1960s onwards with a focus on interactional research studies within three themes.