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Evaluate and develop your courses

Course evaluation is the overall analysis of a course, i.e. the developing action proposals that the course team creates, learning analysis, examination results and the students' course evaluations. Here you will find support that will help you develop your course development process.

Manage and counteract unpleasant comments in your course evaluations

The question of how to deal with unpleasant and destructive comments is one of the most common problems that is raised when it comes to teachers' experiences of course evaluations.

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Andreas Jemstedt

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Questions about EdTech support

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Please email us with your questions about EdTech support (educational technology). We are currently working on building an FAQ, so ask away! We are also the ones to email if you want to get in touch with the EdTech coach.

Email: IKTpedagogik@su.se

We are the EdTech team at Stockholm University:

Una Cunningham, Department of Teaching and Learning
Andreas Jemstedt, Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching
Eva Edman Stålbrandt, Department of Education
Jonas Collin, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences