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Make your teaching accessible to everyone

As early as 2001, it was written into the Higher Education Act that universities must strive for a broader recruitment to higher education, and in 2020 the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) was commissioned by the government to evaluate the university's work with broadened recruitment. The proportion of graduates from upper-secondary education who apply for higher education has increased greatly in recent years, and teachers in higher education today face a greater diversity among students than just 10 years ago. One way to meet the broadened recruitment is to offer our students accessible teaching that facilitates studies for all and that can improve the overall pedagogical quality.

Checklist for accessible teaching

Accessible teaching means that you adapt your teaching to students' different needs. Pedagogical adaptations that are absolutely necessary for an individual student with a disability also often benefit other students and can also lead to pedagogical development.

Adapting your teaching to different disabilities

All students you meet as a teacher are different. They have different needs and circumstances and learn in different ways. This resource gives you guidance in meeting diverse student groups and addresses key matters to keep in mind in relation to the most common disabilities.

Make your documents available to everyone

Many measures to increase accessibility in a document are independent of the document's format. Below we present some general and overall aspects that are important to keep in mind when creating course documents, regardless of whether it is a presentation or a text document.

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