Attend three workshops held by CeUL

In relation to one of the three workshops you attend, write a text (approx 2-3 A4 pages) reflecting on the topic of the workshop in relation to the work that you do/or will potentially do as a university teacher.

Did the workshop spark ideas that you found to be of potential value for your own development as a university teacher? Make use of the workshop literature given by the workshop leader. Feel free to write your text in Swedish or in English. Your choice!

E-mail your workshop reflection to the CeUL office for examination. Having submitted the written reflections, and attending three workshops, you will receive a course certificate corresponding 1,5 hp. This possibility is intended to be an integral part of your continual professional development. Please note that we only exam these written reflections during semester periods and not during the summer.

E-mail the CeUL office:

Upcoming workshops for university teachers at Stockholm University