The event will be held in English.


To a lunchtime seminar with Professor Norm Friesen, Boise State University, USA. Friesen will give a presentation and then we will have the opportunity for a more informal, dialogue. Coffee and sandwiches will be served.

Time: 17 March 2023, 12:10-12:50

Location/find your way: Room P216 in the Arrhenius Houses, building P, Svante Arrhenius väg 20 A.

Online Seminar: You are welcome to join us online, no registration necessary. Klick here too join.

Who is the event for?

Teaching staff at Stockholm University.


Lecture: Tact and the Pedagogical Relation

at 12.10-12.40

Pedagogical pacing is a theme that has recently attracted increasing interest and attention, both in educational practice and research. Pedagogical tact deals with dimensions of the teacher-student relationship such as responsive and sensitive interaction, and can thus be said to present teaching more as an art based on teachers' personal maturity and professional competence.

About Norm Friesen

Norm Friesen. Photo: Boise State University
Norm Friesen. Photo: Boise State University

Norm Friesen (PhD) is a Professor in the Department of Educational Technology at the College of Education, Boise State University. Dr. Friesen has translated and edited Klaus Mollenhauer's Forgotten Connections: On Culture and Upbringing (Routledge, 2014), a collection titled Tact and the Pedagogical Relation (Peter Lang, 2022), as well as a book on O.F. Bollnow titled Existentialism and Education (Palgrave, 2017).

Tact and the Pedagogical Relation. Introductory Readings by Norm Friesen (Volume editor) ©2022 Textbook XIV, 202 pp. Education. Series: Paedagogica, Volume 1


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