Teaching and Learning Seminars


husera@su is a seminar series focusing on teaching and learning in the humanities, social sciences and aesthetic subject traditions in higher education.

We invite international and national researchers in humanities, social sciences and aesthetic subject didactics to the seminars. The researcher gives a presentation either on site or via zoom, and we as listeners then have the opportunity for a subsequent, more informal, dialog with the researcher.

The seminars are conducted as a collaboration between the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching and the Department of Teaching and Learning.

If you want us to organize a seminar within husera@su at your department, please contact Lotta Jons. We look forward to organizing the seminar!

E-mail: lotta.jons@su.se

Upcoming seminars

The program will be published in due course.

Previous seminars

husera@su: Begreppsbildning och undervisning. Cecilia Lundholm, professor vid Institutionen för ämnesdidaktik. (10 maj 2023)

husera@su: Tact and the Pedagogical Relation. Professor Norm Friesen, Boise State University, USA. (17 mars 2023)

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Contact us with any questions regarding our courses.

E-mail: ceul@su.se

Clara Fagerlind, Phone: 08-16 3165

Karin Christoffersson, Phone: 08-16 4093