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Who is the course for?

This course is open for university teachers from all academic areas at Stockholm University or Stockholm trio with completed training in UL1 or equivalent. For you who want to learn more about inclusive pedagogies and course design, why it is important and how it can be done in empirically and evidence informed ways

Inclusive teaching in higher education

Diversity in the student population has increased worldwide and in Sweden the Higher Education Act stipulates that higher education institutions shall actively “promote and widen participation in higher education”. Attention to diversity is important for many reasons. Although the focus may be on ‘differences’, unexpected similarities may also be found in the midst of variety. Moreover, diversity extends beyond students to how courses are designed and how universities teach.

About the course

With the purpose of equipping teachers to serve the needs of students with various backgrounds the course will introduce several tools and models ranging from raising the awareness and/or commitment to inclusion, course evaluation, mapping of inclusive activities, initiating pedagogical discussions between colleagues to developing new course and assessment designs. Inclusive student-centered pedagogies are often found to be beneficial for all. Whether we think about students with special learning needs, intercultural pluralism or different gender, all classrooms are diverse in ways that can enhance discussions and learning.  

Course content and structure

This module course includes three workshop seminars where recent research from the field is presented and discussed showing good principles as well as barriers to inclusive teaching. Principles and models for course development and course design will be explored. Participants will be invited to choose different activities, or strands, involving for instance preparing and conducting an interview with a colleague, a classroom observation or initiating a workshop/discussion with a group of colleagues. The course examination includes writing a research-based reflective paper after the chosen activity along with a practical inclusive teaching plan/curriculum design. At the final seminar participants will present, share and compare their experiences.

The course includes three campus-based meetings, online assignments and gathering of empirical data between meetings. The workload is equivalent to 2 weeks of study, (3 ECTS).

Schedule Autumn 2023





18 Sep    

Course start and introduction. Reviewing the literature. No course meeting
During the first week you will read suggested articles/chapters to familiarize yourself with the field

26 Sep at 10─15 SUB: Room 458* Seminar/workshop 1    
Inclusive teaching, what is it? Looking at perspectives, definitions, pedagogical principles as well as critical issues and research
      Online assignment Athena. No course meeting
Reflect on a teaching context where you have been involved as a teacher (or as a student), using an inclusive lens and framework
10 Oct at 10─15 SUB: Room 458* Seminar/workshop 2
Tools and models for inclusive teaching. Presentation of strands for field work and examination task
30 okt - 3 nov     Online consultations (Optional)
9 Nov at 10─15 SUB: Room 458* Seminar/workshop 3
Presentations of participants’ projects. Discussions and look ahead: How will this impact your teaching in the future? What are the consequences of inclusive or non-inclusive practices?
16 Nov            Submit examination in Athena

Venue/Find your way

   *SUB, Stockholm University Library. Universietsvägen 14D.

You find room 458 on the entrance floor, just to the right from the informationservice desk

Course Leaders

Johan Berg, Senior lecturer,  Department of Human Geography and
Helena Reierstam, Senior lecturer, Department of Education



Course Literature

Course literature and other suggested readings will be provided on the course page in Athena


Course certificate

You will be provided with a course certificate that certifies that you have completed the training once you have attended the meetings and carried out the tasks.


Participation is free of charge for all employees at Stockholm University. Your application is processed within a few working days and you will receive a message through the signup system with instructions on how to complete your registration. After that your registration is binding. In case of cancellation later than two weeks ahead of the course your department will be debited a cancellation fee of 2 000 SEK. By signing up you confirm that your registration is approved by the Head of (your) Department or equivalent.

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