You are warmly welcomed to a skills development course on the development of teaching given by the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL).

Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at university teachers who have implemented or plan to carry out an educational development project and aim for participants to relate to existing higher education research within the field of the project. Previous qualifications needed for entering this course is formal training in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education equivalent to 7,5 ECTS credits.

About the course

You will be assisted in searching for relevant literature to serve as the starting point for a scholarly text about your project. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to link higher education research in connection with your argument when developing an educational development project.

Content and Layout

The course is based on the principle of self-study, where you as a participant follow a number of steps in relation to a web-based guide. You will have a supervisor who supports you in your search for relevant literature. There are two possibilities regarding the scope of the course, either focusing on steps 1—5 or steps 1—7. The course corresponds to 3 ECTS credits (steps 1—5) and 4.5 credits (steps 1—7).

The following steps are included in the course:

  • Step 1 Problem Formulation — What do I want / would I investigate / develop?
  • Step 2 Search of relevant literature — what have others done, with what result?
  • Step 3 Identification of concepts and / or tools — how can you understand and highlight the problem?
  • Step 4 Background and design
  • Step 5 Implementation plan
  • Step 6 Evaluation of the project
  • Step 7 Discussion of the results in relation to the literature

Course Start: You can start at any time because the course is given continuously.

Location: The course is a web-based selfstudy course on Athena.

Submission and assessment

The course has one submission deadline each semester: 25 May and 25 November.

The result of the course is presented by the participant in a text consisting of 4—6000 words including references. The text is submitted and assessed in relation to specific criteria. When you have confirmed with your supervisor that your text is ready to be assessed, upload it to Athena and email it to

If you submit your text on either of the above-mentioned submission dates, it will be assessed within three weeks. Longer assessment and handling times apply if you submit your text at other times during the semester.


You get a certificate that you have completed the course after you have been approved for the relevant tasks in the course.

Register for the course now

You submit a problem formulation (step 1 in the course summary, see above) and e-mail to: