América Invertida - Joaquín Torres García
América Invertida - Joaquín Torres - Wikimedia Commons.

La Tertulia is a discussion group organized and coordinated by Andrés Rivarola, Thaïs Machado Borges and Gianfranco Selgas around methods, ideas, and theories by which Latin American culture and its interstices (anthropology, economy, geography, history, literature, philosophy, politics, and sociology) are analyzed. It is proposed as a space for debate and meeting for scholars to jointly reflect on such issues from different points of view. Our objective is based on being able to cross disciplinary boundaries and to generate a rich discussion based on texts, films, and other cultural products from Latin America.

Sessions are conducted in Spanish, but Portuguese and English can be spoken as well.

For more information contact the organizers:

Andrés Rivarola 

Thaïs Machado Borges

Gianfranco Selgas