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In the mid-80s the Swedish mining company Boliden shipped a toxic cargo containing hazardous waste material such as arsenic and lead produced in Sweden to be dumped in Arica, Chile, a place located between the Atacama Desert and the Pacific Ocean. While the toxic waste was supposed to be received and treated by the Chilean company Plomel, instead, it laid open on the ground in hays where children from precarious near-by housings played, where the wind carried out particles of the toxic waste and where the rain slowly led arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury closer to the ground water and the living depending on it.

Hosts and discussants, Azucena Castro and Gianfranco Selgas

Sponsor: Ciclos de Cine Latinoamericano (con tema medioambiental)
Venue: Via Zoom - Registration required »
Time: Thursday, 6th of Maj, 18- 19
Structure: 40-45 for talk with the hosts, 20 minutes for open discussion
Language: English

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