Participate in the post-screening discussion with:
-Dr. Thaïs Machado Borges (Associate Professor in Latin American Studies, Stockholm University)
-Dr. Azucena Castro (postdoctoral researcher Universidad de Buenas Aires/Stockholm University)

The Amazon is a vast laboratory for sustainable experiments that are revealing new relationships among human beings, corporations, and the natural heritage crucial for life on the planet. This is where the guidelines are being drawn up for a new global economic model: the green economy. The film portrays the daily lives of the forest people as the guardians of this great natural heritage that, if properly managed, could last into eternity.

*Portuguese with English subtitles*
Director: Belisario Franca
Country: Brazil
Year: 2013

*** Please, register here: The number of seats depends on the sanitary restrictions and recommendations set by the local Swedish authorities on the date of the screening. Be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before the screening starts.***

WELCOME to the Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies Film Festival!

The 1st Latin American Film Festival at Stockholm University from September 13-17, 18:00-20:00.
The festival is organized as a collaboration between the Spanish and Latin American Studies section of the Department of Romance Studies and Classics (Romklass) at Stockholm University and the Romance Studies and Classics Student Council.

The "Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies Film Festival" is part of The Spanish Film Club series and it was made possible with the support of Pragda, SPAIN arts & culture, the Secretary of State for Culture of Spain, and Stockholms universitets studentkår (SUS) (

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Organiser: NILAS Latin American Film Festival
Contact: Azucena Castro; Gianfranco Selgas
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