Amereida is a poetic adventure of a group of artists, architects, poets and intellectuals who, in 1965, embarked on a journey from Tierra del Fuego to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia. The documentary Amereida, only the footprints discover the sea reconstructs the historical and artistic context that made this unique experience of art and life possible, as well as its consequences, which remain to this day: the creation of the avant-garde School of Architecture of the University of Valparaíso and the construction of the Open City, in the dunes of Ritoque, in Chile.

Based on conversations, archival materials, and recent filming, Javier Correa approaches the foundations of Amereida as a poetic journey where its protagonists set out to rediscover the sense of America and its destiny in the world in order to refound the continent from the vantage point of poetry as well as to propose a practice of poetic dwelling.

Director: Javier Correa

Genre: Documentary

Production year: 2017

Duration: 105 min

About the director

Javier Correa - Director, screenwriter, producer. Since 2004, Correa has produced short documentary and video on architecture, art, and culture. He is a member of Ciudad Abierta de Amereida, where he works on architectural and curatorial projects. Amereida, only the footprints discover the sea is his second full-length film.

Language: the film is in Spanish with English subtitles, the talk following the film will be in Spanish/English

Organisers: Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies, Azucena Castro & Gianfranco Selgas