Theatre and Performance Studies

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New Circus at Sergels torg. Photo: Eva Dalin

Theatre and Performance Studies

Theatre and Performance Studies at Stockholm University form part of the Department of Culture and Aesthetics. Focusing on the performing arts, public performances, and performances of everyday life, Performance Studies ‘recognize and insist on the interdependency of a related series of disciplines and also on the role of performance in the production of culture in its widest sense’ (Reinelt & Roach 2007: 5). Our research engages in transnational and trans-disciplinary discussions concerning theories in cultural, aesthetic, and critical theory, and on related research areas and methodologies. Studies span from historical contexts to the contemporary stage. Cultural performances have, for some time been, a particular focus of critical analysis. Our scholarly activities – including both research and teaching – are based on critical theory, stressing the social relevance of the humanities and the political responsibility of the individual scholar.

Prestigious research grants for research on European amateur theatre’s impact on social change

Meike Wagner, Professor of Theatre Studies at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, receives an Advanced Grant to the proposed project “Performing Citizenship. Social and Political Agency in Non-Professional Theatre Practice in Germany, France, Britain, Sweden and Switzerland (1780-1850)”.

The creative collaboration between Giorgio Armani and Robert Wilson

In a chapter for the new publication Staging Fashion: The Fashion Show and Its Spaces (Bloomsbury), professor of theater studies at Stockholm University Dirk Gindt and professor of art historiy John Potvin (Concordia University, Montreal), write about the the creative collaboration between Giorgio Armani and Robert Wilson.

A theatre first aid kit from five MA students in Performance Studies

The performance theatre project "SOS! Theatre, Save Our Souls", supervised by professor Meike Wagner, Department of Culture and Aestethics and lead by Master's students at the department, resides at Turteatern. Because of the current situation, the theatre could not be performed in January. But the project group throws out a lifeline: the booklet "SOS! Theatre First Aid Kit".

Fact Sheet for International Exchange Partners and Students
Master's Programme in Theatre Studies